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Welcome to the 77th Guard Deathdealing Wolverines Battalion (2nd Division) Official Website

"To the last MAN, to the last SHELL, to the last TANK, to the last MINUTE, We Fight!"

The 77th Armored Guard is the last defense to our home we give not but we will take all that is presented to us. Know that if you try to hurt our families you will come to a quick end. We will crush your bodies under our tank treads. We will use your dead tanks as walls. You will learn to respect our land and our families. We are a brotherhood of men at arms. We are the 77th Guard 2nd Division Wolverines!

This clan is a social clan with casual clan wars participation.  We are a brotherhood of tankers who pride ourselves in having fun. We do not discriminate based on age, sex, creed, or ethnicity. HAVE FUN!

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